Hardie Board Plank Trim Installation Painting San Antonio TX

Hardie Board Plank Trim Installation Painting San Antonio TX

Here at antoniospaint.com we offer Hardie Board Plank Trim Installation Painting in San Antonio TX. From installation, to caulking and finish painting we can perform the entire installation.

Hardie board installation requires special tools and knowledge for proper installation. When properly installed and painted most homeowners will never have to worry about replacing siding again.




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Choosing a home siding can be a daunting process. It’s a whole new arena to become familiar with and it’s not uncommon to have questions.

Here we’ve compiled homeowners’ most frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy HardiePlank® lap siding, HardiePanel® vertical siding, HardieTrim® boards or HardieShingle® siding?
Since you will be working with a contractor or builder to install James Hardie® products, the individual or company you hire for the job will purchase the necessary materials for you. You can also call customer service at 1-888-JHARDIE for your closest sales representative.

How much does HardiePlank lap siding cost?
Your contractor will give you an estimate that includes labor and materials, based on your specific project. This will give you the best idea of how much siding will cost for you. You can also call customer service at 1-888-JHARDIE for your closest sales representative.

How do your prices compare to the prices of brick and vinyl?
While prices vary from market to market, this is how HardiePlank siding compares in installed price with its competitors:
·         More expensive than vinyl
·         Less expensive than brick
·         Equal or less than hardboard or composite siding
·         Less expensive than synthetic stucco

What types of trim can be used with HardiePlank lap siding?
The following are suitable trim products for use with HardiePlank lap siding:
·         HardieTrim
·         Fiber Cement
·         Real Wood
·         Engineered Wood
·         Vinyl
·         Coated or Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum

Can I use HardiePanel lap siding as skirting material on a mobile home?
Yes. However it needs to be installed in accordance with our written installation instructions for HardiePanel siding in regard to framing, joints, paint and clearences above ground. James Hardie provides a 1 year limited product warranty for HardiePanel used as skirting on a mobile home.

Where do I purchase HardieBacker® board?
HardieBacker cement board is also commonly stocked by Home Depot and Lowe’s retail stores.

How do I cut HardieBacker board?
HardieBacker board may be cut with a carbide-tipped scoring knife, utility knife, or cutting shears (manual, electric or pneumatic). Learn more at www.HardieBacker.com.

Can I use HardieBacker cement board in an exterior application?
In accordance with ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR -2280, HardieBacker®500 Cement Board may also be used in HZ10 HardieZone exterior wall applications as a backer board for exterior tile,
slate, marble, stone, thin brick and manufactured stone.  Refer to the HardieBacker Installation Guide for specific instructions.

What is HardieWrap® weather barrier used for?
HardieWrap weather barrier may be used as both a water resistive barrier and as an air barrier in accordance with nationally recognized residential and commercial building codes as specified in ESR-2658, HardieWrap weather barrier is installed over the sheathing, beneath the exterior siding (cladding) to reduce water infiltration and air infiltration, while allowing potentially damaging water to escape from the building interior.

How is HardieWrap weather barrier better than other housewraps?
In independent tests, HardieWrap weather barrier outperformed its nearest competition in each of these categories: water holdout, air penetration resistance and tear resistance.

How much does HardieWrap weather barrier cost?
HardieWrap weather barrier is competitively priced. For specific information, contact a James Hardie Representative at 1-866-4HARDIE (1-866-442-7343).

Where can I find installation instructions and best practice guides for James Hardie Building Products?
Visit HardieInstallation.com to find installation instructions, videos and best practice guides for James Hardie products.

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